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"Sean Ingram is a breathe of fresh air to many whom feel themselves suffocating from the struggles of their lives"

- Omar Tyree , Best-Selling Author

"Sean Ingram is an amazing speaker who knows how to reach people from all walks of life. He can inspire people in prison to people in corporate America. I'm beyond impressed with his work." 

- Bruce George, Co-Founder of Russell Simmons' Def Poetry Jam on HBO


Persevere your Process - Overcome your Obstacles - Survive your Struggle - Sanctify your Solitude - Vacate your Void Change your Challenge - Master your Mindset - Specialize your Skillset - Design your Destiny - Recognize your Reason Visualize your Victory - Become your Belief - Manifest your Ministry - Invent your Importance - Understand your Uniqueness Prioritize your Passion - Prophesize your Purpose - Define your Devotion Perfect your Presentation - Motivate your Movement Stimulate your Support Justify your Journey - Optimize your Opportunity - Validate your Value  - Brand your Business