Sean Ingram’s Aggression Replacement Training

is a 30 session evidence-based cognitive behavioral intervention program for the reduction of violent behavior of aggressive youth.

The program components of the ART program are detailed below…

Skillstreaming teaches a series of constructive skills that enhances cognitive skills to build pro-social behavior.

Anger Control teaches self control that reduces and manages feelings of anger in provocative situations.

Moral Reasoning teaches personal awareness and promotes higher levels of ethical understanding.

The following Risk and Needs Factors will be addressed...
Aggressive/Assaultive behaviors
Moderate to serious school behavior problems
JCPC Identified Needs Factors
Social competencies and problem solving skills
School/educational connectedness

The program targets the following risk factors…

aggressive behavior, impulsive behavior, poor problem solving skills, and antisocial behavior.   


The program puts into action the following protective factors;
social skills, emotional awareness and understanding, emotional regulation, planning skills, problem solving, and skills related to identification of anger triggers and cues.

The program targets the following proximal and distal outcomes.

Proximal Outcomes
Decrease in Conduct Problem Behavior
Improved Pro-Social Behavior
Improved Anger Control
Enhanced Levels of Moral Reasoning

Distal Outcomes
Reduced Criminal Behavior and Recidivism Rate
Improvements in In-Community Functioning
Improved Pro-Social Behavior
Reduction in aggressive and delinquent behavior

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